The Wix "SEO Hero" Contest Countdown and Information

As you can tell from the counter below, there are still over three months left until the first "SEO Hero" search from the contest's judge, Eran Hurvitz of CEO of MRKT360 INC, for Wix's "SEO Hero" challenge. However, with final registration just about a week away, things are starting to get quite interesting. The biggest news is, of course, the actual soft launch of Wix's website for the challenge. Hold on to your hats, folks, because there's certainly going to be lots of drama ahead.

Wix "SEO Hero"Challenge

Wix's "SEO Hero" website uses Rand Fishkin's personality


It's unclear whether Rand Fishkin is involved in Wix's contest in any way, but it seems unlikely. Therefore, it seems questionable at best for Wix to be using Rand's full name, biography, links to the Moz website, and an animated version of him on their contest website. Perhaps Wix is thinking that they will be able to garner more links by creating controversy. Who really knows? 


In any event, Wix is using Fishkin's name and SEO background to portray him as the professor of a fictional SEO Hero school. In this school, aptly named "Fishkin's School," the copy mentions how his history of designing websites wasn't enough for a man full of great powers. His ability to "telepathically predict what people were searching online" drove him to fight against evil SEOs, such as Tagmento. Tagmento was apparently a long-time friend, who began using his SEO skills for evil. And thus, the "Fishkin’s School for Gifted SEO Optimizers" was born, in an effort to teach young SEOs about the rights and wrongs of search engine optimization. 

In other news: Wix runs their own blog on Wordpress


Yes, you read that correctly. Wix uses Wordpress for their own blog, instead of using their own platform. If you were following tech news a few months ago, you'll likely remember some very public attacks on each other from both parties. Initially, Wordpress creator, Matt Mullenweg, slammed Wix for supposedly stealing code that helped build the Wix editor. In response, Wix co-founder and CEO, Avishai Abrahami, wrote an open letter on the Wix Blog to Mullenweg stating that they only used "a minor part of the [Wordpress] application." And in classic tech bro talk, Abrahami then went on to say “Wow, dude I did not even know we were fighting.” 


It seems odd that Wix would use another platform for their blog, especially while running their "SEO Hero" contest. On the main contest page, they write "We’ve helped millions of small business owners create a stunning online presence and we’re proud of the SEO capabilities we offer our users." So I suppose what they're really saying is that they're proud of their platform's SEO capabilities, but Wordpress is still better for blogging. It'll be fascinating to see whether or not this becomes news in the SEO community and beyond. While any press is considered good press, I can't imagine Wix would enjoy discussing with the media their reasons for using Wordpress as their preferred blogging platform.

What do you think about Wix's use of Rand Fishkin for their contest website? Do you think Rand is involved? Do you feel this is right of Wix to use such a well-known SEO name? 


And what do you think it says about Wix when they use Wordpress for their blog? Are they cheating their customers into believing that Wix is better than Wordpress? Or do they simply think Wordpress is better as a blogging platform? And would they be open to admitting this publicly?


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